5 Ways to Battle the Christmas Party Bulge!

December 5, 2008 at 12:04 pm Leave a comment

There seem to be so many reasons to gain fat at this time of year.

Worst options for fat loss!Is it reasonable to assume that you actually want to eat all those party junk foods and then say with shock, “Oh my …. I have put on 5 kilos.

Or perhaps you are just sucumming to peer pressure hoping someone else will be the first to eat the healthy options.

1. Be the person that is taking the “food” moral high ground. Make a decision to say no to the sweets and enjoy fruit salad instead. Forget the salted peanuts and go for 10 walnuts instead.

2. Eat some celery and freshly-crushed peanut butter before leaving for the “work” function. Being slightly filled means you won’t reach for those finger foods as you don’t feel hungry.

3. Plan before you go what you are prepared to eat and if it’s not there then you will be ok because you have already had dinner/ lunch ..etc                     japanese green-tea

4. Are you mistaking thirst for hunger? It is easy to be dehydrated and I don’t mean thirsty! Try a mug of organic green tea before going to the party with 12 raw cashews. It’s summer and the air-conditioning is going to suck the moisture out of you too!

5. Are your calories coming from alcohol and you aren’t really eating much at all. Well you don’t have to get drunk to socialise and if you really can’t stand the people make an excuse to leave and get a decent meal with loved ones.

Take care and remember drink water and drive 😉


Tim James



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