My top 5 food label tips!

December 18, 2008 at 1:45 pm 1 comment

Why am I writing to you about “food labels” of all things?

This time of year we want to buy things for loved ones and also for the “Christmas dinner- party- week! Whichever one it is..

Companies packaging products are always researching their markets to come up with a way to get you to buy their product and they have come up with an amazing variety of ways.


Only the other day while shopping at the Aspley Hypermarket I saw some great deceptive marketing.

Tip 1. Learn to read the ingredient list.

The front of the pack can say a lot that is not actually in the product eg. Australian produce , organic, No artificial flavours… More on that in a bit.

Tip 2. Read where the product is actually made. It may contain items from various sources yet is made in China. I wonder if anything isn’t made in China these days.

Tip 3. Read the back of the pack (ingredient list)

I have this picture for your convenience.

As you may have noticed not all labelling is this precise.

So remember if you are wanting to cut down on sugar and the second or third ingredient is corn syrup then ditch that product.

Tip 4. Buy more products without packaging. Sounds dumb really but if you do this you won’t have to read labels and your produce will generally be fresh stuff.

Tip 6. Look for good statements.

“Tricked you. You are going, what happened to (number 5.)?” I skipped it because I can. :-p My favourite tip is this. There are some good advertisements on packaging.

One is “insecticide free“.Another is “made in Australia” Support our economy not Chinas! Sorry that was a political statement. I couldn’t help it. If you are buying Organic make sucertified-organicre it has a certified symbol because arsenic and cyanide are organic…

Have fun reading labels and I look forward to any comments you might have. Was this clear enough?

Tim James

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  • 1. Geans  |  December 22, 2008 at 3:40 pm

    Tim Sims!
    Hey, long time no anything! How are you, mate? I know about the paragraphing. Sometimes it formats it wierd when I try and paragraph, and then I add a picture it takes the paragraphs out, but I will try harder!
    What is new? Most likely ALOT! Great blog. I am very interested in all you’re writing about. My husband manages 7 health food and supplement stores and he is very into health and fitness. I am interested too, but not as intense. Perhaps I will become more devoted from reading your great articles.
    So great to hear from you.
    DO you remember Tim Sims? I remember Geans!
    Aww, such good memories. All of us High Country Inners are all over the place. I am married and living in Ohio, USA. That is where my husband is from. I have some dear friends and family from Aus. though. I would love to visit oneday.
    Well, take care, and God’s richest blessings on your and your loved ones. So great to hear from you!!!

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