What diet do I follow?

January 30, 2009 at 1:37 pm Leave a comment

After spending a thought provoking lunch with my younger talented sister – Harmony James to all you country music fans, I reflected on how to advise you my readers on the best way to peddle through all the “diet” crap you read and hear on various forms of media.

I have been in the fitness industry officially since Dec 2001.


Early Days following a Shannon Noll "fad" 🙂

My enthusiasm for learning meant for me that I was a bit of a “fad” person as I followed each exciting trend that came around. This not only confused the hell out of me but meant that those following my career didn’t really take much note of what I said because they were waiting for the next fad to come. Lol

So when it comes to achieving your fitness goals what direction should you follow? Well adding up my 7+ years of experience and fads I’d have to say that my top goal now is- Make sure that every week I change something small in my current lifestyle.

For some it might mean choosing a night where you go to bed before 10 pm. For some it may be having a non cereal breakfast one day a week. For others it might mean going for a ride on your rest day. DO you get my drift?

Moderate changes are far more achievable and over the long term they add up to big lifestyle changes.

I know that if you are reading these newsletters you already have a start on living healthy. So to improve you just need to make small goals.

Here are some that I have recently achieved.

For every hour I sit at my computer I must drink a whole tall cup of filtered water. DONE!

If the first thought of the day when I wake is negative I must read something spiritual. Whatever it is  it must  be positive stuff to help me change my thought process.

Still working on this one 🙂

When I want to snack, I eat a piece of fruit with ten nuts. I am proud to say I am still doing this. Follow me on Twitter to see.

See! Small changes can make a big difference because they allow you to fulfil a goal and then reset more as you slowly progress to fitness which I might add is a never ending goal.

Life is only lived once. Make the most of today!

Love Ya



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You were a big Dinosaur and tried to eat me all up! The simplest way to be in the driver’s seat!

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