How to lose centimetres in 6 days!

February 18, 2009 at 1:16 pm 1 comment

Have you ever heard that blessings come in disguise?

My scooter sprang a leak in the fuel line and was off the road for a week so out of necessity I had to cycle. Now I love to cycle as a hobby but  I had to cycle everywhere.

My legs were feeling weak on the first couple of days but after day 4 I was feeling strong and getting wet in the rain didn’t even bother me.

When was the last time you consciously got wet because you could get dry after?

It really doesn’t kill you and might even remind you what it was like as a kid running around in a summer shower.

Well day 1 as I, do regularly I saw myself in the mirror and thought I don’t accept that extra bit of  fat around my torso. I could lose another 4% body fat. By day 6 I looked and to my surprise I had lost some of the fat and the only thing that had changed in my lifestyle was the extra exercise.

So if you have lost weight but plateaued then look for a way to add more daily exercise to your life. For me, it was cycling out of necessity but it could be shooting hoops at a local half court down the park. It could be practising your hackey sack skills 30 mins at lunch time. Any extra incidental movement will add to your caloric loss.

Most of the places I had to cycle weren’t too far or hard. The key was I was doing more exercise than normal and my eating didn’t change.

Raby Bay Tri

Raby Bay Tri

While you are reading this grab a pen and write down 5 ways you could add exercise to your day. The only rule is it can’t be walking unless you replace it for automation. Ie. Walk instead of drive.

Lastly, on Sunday I joined a group of friends and went for a planned ride out along behind the Boondal wetlands towards Sandgate. It was a great ride and we had breakfast together afterwards.

Find an activity that you can do on a regular occasion with friends and make it happen. That is what life is all about; building relationship through activity.

Hope I inspired you to think outside the square.

Cheers Tim


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  • 1. Pete buggy  |  February 26, 2009 at 9:14 pm

    Hi Tim, I’m going in the Mt Cootha challenge in March if your interested. I haven’t been riding much so it’s gonna hurt. I was going to do a ride from kangaroo point cliffs on sunday morn. Going for a run first then a ride. I’ll be running first about 7ish, finish that about 8ish ten go for a pedal up cootha and back. Give me a call if your interested. 0438138837. I plan on doing the brisbane half marathon this year and the bridge to bris run as well as the bris to gold coast ride. Catch ya latter, Pete.

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