How to eat breakfast!

May 27, 2009 at 1:12 pm Leave a comment

It was just the other day I was chatting to the coffee shop lady as I waited for my small mocha. She said she and her husband had been on a low carb diet and  they were eating rye bread instead of “normal” bread.

I was asked what my opinion was and I thought long and hard before replying. You see it really is about glycaemic index not low carb although grains do tend to cause bloating (although undiagnosed) in a lot of people.

In a recent study of a UNSW trial where subjects had their blood sugar readings taken before and after breakfast. One group had traditional Corn Flakes and the other group had oats. The study showed the group eating the oats (low glycaemic) had after exercise burned double the amount of fat even though both groups did the same exercise. Burn Fat

This is encouraging to note that not only does a low glycaemic meal satiate and last longer but it also encourages the body to burn fat seemingly because of a lower spike in blood sugars.

So it pays to eat more less processed foods as the benefits are far greater than just longer lasting energy. Next time you are tempted to reach for the handful of lollies on the desk or grab the fruit bun at the bakery ask yourself will this help me burn fat or if I have some low glycaemic foods I can double the amount of fat that I burn.

Here is to a fat burning breakfast!

Tim James

ps On a side note I wanted to congratulate Andrew Crawford for losing a total of 7 cm’s so far from his tummy. Well done mate!


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