Terry lost 7kgs in 6 weeks

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I wanted to bring you this interview with one of my star trainees whose daughter affectionately calls me “Evil Tim”.

Tim James Terry tell us about yourself. What do you do outside of sweating drops of blood in the gym? 😉

Terry Ahern Well I like a busy life. I am an area Business Banking Manager for Bendigo Bank, a husband and father and a very keen golfer and am on the board to the golf club. My only daughter is 12 going on 33.Terry 2

Tim James Thanks Terry. Tell us about your journey to fat loss.

Terry Ahern I have always loved a busy social life being the true extrovert and began to gain weight as my social calendar got busy.

I love tennis and wanted to lose the weight so I could play that but I had a major knee operation and recovered from that only to have an arthroscopy.

I have persevered through all that because Tim has never let me stop.

I was fortunate to see a very good physio through Tim’s recommendation and am almost entirely pain free right now.

Tim James What other obstacles have hindered your goal of fat loss?

Terry Ahern In my big social life I love to drink and eat. I love food when it tastes good and often overate because I could. I also drink wine, beer, bourbon and didnt limit myself so gained weight to over 100kg.

Tim James Terry you have lost 7 kg’s recently. Tell us what you did to achieve a superb goal!

Terry Ahern Apart from my two half hour sessions of torture with Tim, I have found a new hobby (cycling). After the first week of falling off like a toddler I have really gotten into it. I cycle around three times a week all over the place from my local neighbourhood. I am out from 60 to 90 mins and there are many hills.

I have changed from cereal in a box to porridge and find the low glycaemic food last longer and I dont get ravenous.

I have reduced the quantity of drinks when I am in a social setting.

Tim James What are two achievements from your time so far?

Terry Ahern I can now do chinups- at just under 95kg that is quite a feat for me. I can also last through an intense session without dying.

Tim James Tell us your top three pointers for people who want to lose weight.

Terry Ahern

  1. Get yourself a registered trainer so you can have the variety to avoid the boredom.
  2. Measure your progress regularly so you cannot avoid the reality. This keeps me focused on my goals.
  3. Be involved in some kind of group exercise whether its sport or cycling or group fitness. This really helps.

Tim James Nice! So how does the social part help?

Terry Ahern I don’t feel isolated in the pain of exercise and this keeps me coming back. When exercising in a group I forget how hard it is. Also my family support me too by not enabling my immoderate eating habits.

Tim James Very good. What is your next goal?

Terry Ahern To get under 90 kgs!

Tim James That’s great. Best of luck No you put in hard work so best of work! 🙂


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