How to fight off the flu!

June 17, 2009 at 1:37 pm Leave a comment

Its definitely flu season Down Under and many of you are wondering from this heading where I might be going with this article.

Did you know that long aerobic sessions can leave your immune system compromised yet anaerobic strength training boosts your immune system?

Do you know anyone that runs marathons or ultra marathons or even half marathons. It takes a toll on the body. Many people seem to come down with a cold right after running long races.flu

I have noticed when I do resistance training 3 + times a week I fight off colds way better than if I was only running or cycling.

Strength training helps the production of glutamine which has an immunomodulative effect.

Are you taking any supplements? It has been said that supplements are unneccessary yet I fail to see the person who eats sufficient fruit and vegies. Supplements should never replace a poor diet yet it may be the nutrient that your body is missing from an insufficient diet.

Sunshine is the sole natural source of Vitamin D for the body. You need to expose 70% of the body to round 10 minutes each side between 10 and 2. This is usually when we are covered up or lathered in sunscreen. If you tan then the production of melanin stops the production of “D”.

Sleep is the other big one.  Are you going to bed early enough to allow your body to produce the hormones necessary for growth and immune support?

Take a small inventory to see if you are doing these

  • Strength training x 3 per week
  • Sunlight 10 mins per day to 70% of the body
  • Sufficient nutrient through supplementation and vegie/fruit
  • Sleep to at least 6-8 hrs

Tim James


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