3 tips to manage pain in your workouts

June 26, 2009 at 1:57 pm Leave a comment

The worst thing I have ever heard is someone telling me how their trainer didn’t really pay attention when they said they had pain in a certain movement.

pain in my shoulderIt really gets under my skin that people in my profession are so incompetent that they are turning people away from personal training because it is seen as brutish.

Now I have had a rant, thank you for listening 😉 Here is my take on what to do when you come across an injury.

Check if you are using your core properly!

When was the last time you had a basic abdominal test to see if you were activating your lower abdominals properly? Go back to the floor and start with movement patterns that babies go through in development. If you cant move through these early movements why are you sitting in a machine and thinking that you will make things better!

If it can be done differently, avoid it for the time being.

If lifting your hands above your head causes too much shoulder pain then dont lift your hands above your head. You may have to try strengthening your shoulders on a different plane of movement. If flexing the trunk is causing lower back pain then practice movements that dont require trunk flexion. And please for goodness sake dont put up with the pain. See a professional pain management person. I am fan of hands on physio’s but I know good chiropractors and osteopaths and massage therapists.

Find a different approach to your workouts.

A registered, qualified and referred trainer will be more than happy to redesign a program for you that takes into account the intricacies of your current situation. (Referred is key to finding someone reputable that has given measurable results to someone else already). Two tools that I swear by are foam rollers for myo-facial release and correct mobility exercises to help release tension.

Here’s to a journey of improved movement and less pain!

Tim James


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