6 more ways to keep exercise fun and challenging!

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Non opposing supersets

After years of time wasting traditional body building methods of performing a set and then waiting to repeat it 2 more times, I came across this valuable method of working out that challenges the cardio and gives great results.

If you are doing a chest press working the arms and chest then follow that with squats with no rest between. Find non opposing exercises to do together in a “superset” and the results are sheer magic.

Challenge workouts (300)

Loosely based on the movie 300 which amassed a cult following in the fitness world, these workouts consist of a number of exercises with repetitions adding up to 300 or 200 or whatever number you like. The challenge is to get though the workout in a better time than you did previously. This is not for the feint hearted!300

Timed sets

This is a little different from the challenge in that you have a timer that is set for 30 seconds or one minute and you complete the exercise till the timer finishes. Great endurance training and really shows where you are weak.

Circuits for time

Once again a different spin on the timing. You have 20 minutes to see how many times you can get through this particular circuit. Complete full repetitions (no half push-ups etc.) and once finished start again. Take your own rest or water breaks.                        NOT FOR BEGINNERS


These are great and one of my favourite ways to smash myself. Pick a unilateral exercise like the one arm kettlebell clean and perform one rep then change sides. Perform one rep then change sides. Perform two reps then change sides. Keep on in this method till you have performed 9 reps each side. You can go higher than 9 but will usually find you hit the wall by then or before 😉

Combination sets

These are surprisingly taxing but VERY time effective. Perform a dumbell squat followed by a curl to shoulder press. Perform a kettlebell clean followed by a front squat then a bent row. There are countless combinations for yet another way to keep the variety and not get into a plateau.

Tim James

Certified PT

Australian Kettlebell Instructor


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