The best foods to boost your energy!

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1. Protein (Daily requirement around 1 gram per kilogram of bodyweight)turkey breast

You need protein to build muscle tissue and stay toned and lean. Top three leanest options are chicken breast, turkey breast or tempeh for vegetarians.

2.Selenium (Daily requirement100 micrograms)

A powerful immunity enhancer and for men also the secret to reduction of prostate cancer risk. Brazil nuts are THE source but it can also be garnered from sunflower seeds and canned tuna.

3.Fibre (daily requirement 35g)

High fibre diet is like natures internal brush to keep you regular and also something you should check if you want to be slim. Fibre should be increased gradually and top three sources are dried figs, wholegrain bread or Ezekiel bread(spouted grains).

4.Potassium (daily requirement 3200 mg)

While the banana is usually sprouted for its potassium richness which is essential for muscular contractions and also cramp prevention; the avocado, baked potato and dried figs are a great source of potassium.

5.Zinc (daily requirement 15 mg)oysters

Needed to keep healthy nails and hair but also an important part of full immune function, zinc is often low in the average male diet. Top three sources are Oysters (which unfortunately can’t be eaten every day), lean grass fed beef and sunflower seeds. SS are great in muesli or salads.

6. Calcium (daily requirement 1000mg)

Helping you stay lean and keeping your bones strong calcium has mostly been assigned to dairy but almonds, kale and broccoli are also a non-dairy source of this vital nutrient.

Tim James

Certified Personal Trainer

Australian Kettlebell Instructor


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