Why warming up is so important!

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If you have ever been injured you will know the benefits of thorough warming up. I should know as I have recently discovered my own humanity 😉 by insufficiently warming up a client and they had a grade 1 tear to their muscle. (Usually takes 1-2 days to repair) I know I deserve a reprimand and am glad they weren’t damaged more than that.

So how do you know you have warmed up enough?assistedlunge

Is the exercise you are about to perform new or have you been doing it for at least a few weeks?

Are you on a periodisation program(ie. you are increasing weight or reps regularly)?

Can you feel the muscle warmed by the exercises used to warmup yet not fatigued?

Through years of training people I have found the most effective warmups include mobility and body weight exercises then a “warm up set” using 80% of the weight you will be working with.

Every situation is different but if it takes 5 minutes to warm up and prevents  the 1 to 2 days of time lost from injury, then you (I) would be a fool to forgo. I am really eating my words right now.

A standard warmup for a lower body workout might be a mini circuit of

10 squats

10 reverse lunges

10 mountain climbs and

10 star jumps

Repeat twice with no rest then go to your warmup set for the first exercise. I hope this helps clear up any ideas of what a warmup should be.

There will be more posts on what to do if injured so stay tuned.

Tim James AKI CPT


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