How to find your way with Google!

September 23, 2009 at 12:01 pm Leave a comment

On a recent exciting road trip from Phily to DC using a print out from Google maps, the thought occurred to me, “Where do people go for a definitive map of their journey in fitness”?

You see there is so much to know and if you read an article from one magazine it can be contradicted in the next magazine. So here is a simple path to make the journey easier and the travelling

  • Make a list! Include the starting point and destination. Look at the roadblocks that occur between the two. Ie. from overweight to fit may mean having to start an accountability eating program..
  • Figure out the vehicle you will use to reach your destination. If it is an unreliable vehicle, you may not even get to the end. Following a fat loss program that has been around for years is not always the best solution. Better would be a program that is delivering results to people now. Oh! and it doesn’t have to be weight loss. It could be eating better, getting fitter or even getting a fit body that turns heads.
  • Determine who your travel companion is! You want support for the journey as it will probably be for life. So choose wisely. Getting advice from that lady at the gym who is looking good may  not be sensible but finding a professional who has studied how to help you and is personable will get you to your destination with encouragement and support.
  • Do your budget. You cannot leave on a road trip without realising you need fuel and food etc.. What are you prepared to invest or even sacrifice so this goal can be accomplished?
  • Track your memories along the way. If you take snapshots over time by journaling it can be really encouraging to see where you have come from. Most days in life seem uneventful in memory but it is amazing what we can recall when we muse on journals. Recording your workouts may seem droll but it helps you to achieve goals much quicker if you have an accurate account of what you did last workout.

So what do you do to stay on track? There are many more facets I didn’t mention but hopefully this can be a start to getting you to your end destination in one piece and not too stressed out!

Tim James CPT

Australian Kettlebell Instructor


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