How to use a buffet to lose weight!

October 21, 2009 at 2:30 pm Leave a comment

You may be wondering as I did when I thought through this article, how do you do that?

You see only the other night eating out with some friends, one of the blokes said to me, “You better make sure you go back and get seconds, you will want to get your moneys worth!” I thought, why is it that people have the perception that if you are allowed to eat as much as you want that you will?buffet-food


I originally was going to have a steak dinner for $14 and asked the waitress if I could substitute vegetables for the chips. She said that would cost an extra $7 so that was only $2 cheaper than the buffet which gave me greater choice of foods. I ended up getting the vegetables I wanted plus a spring roll. The point is, I didnt think I had to eat 2, 3 or more platefuls. I just wanted to enjoy my meal and have a nutritious option.

 Here are three tips to enjoying a buffet.

  • Stick to water as the carbonated drink will fill you up quickly and you will feel to full.
  •  Make your first choice the healthiest option.. ie. salads, vegetables, roast etc
  •  Once you are finished your first plate consider whether you want dessert or not and wait 5 minutes.

If you dont want dessert you have the option to get a second plate or you may be satisfied from one plate and therefore you wont overindulge. There is nothing worse than that feeling of being overfull.

 Remember just because you are paying $20+ doesnt mean you have to have multiple plates. That after all is a standard price for one plate of decent food in most restaurants,

Enjoy your food, dont deprive yourself but be accountable to your goals (fat loss, health, example to others, etc.)


Tim James

CPT Australian Kettlebell Instructor


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