Water- the cure of life, what you dont know!

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We are told to drink more but what does that mean and why should we?

What does water really do apart from keeping us hydrated? images

In Iran a Doctor Batmanghelidj while in prison discovered some amazing things about water. I am talking about clean, uncontaminated drinking water that would come from deep under ground or from a mountain spring not from a tap or a bottle.

I drink tea, coffee, soft drink, beer and other liquids. They contain water don’t they?

Many of today’s modern drinks are actually counter productive to our already acidic environment. The body must expel water to try and eliminate the harm from the extra acidity brought on by these unnatural liquids.

  • Brain Function: Although only 2% of the body’s total weight, the brain receives 15%-20% of the blood supply, which is mostly water. Cognitive function is drastically effected through dehydration.glacierlake2
  • Bone Function: Plenty of water is paramount for healthy bones. Of the upper body’s total weight, 75% is supported by the water core contained in the fifth lumbar disc and the 25% left in the spinal musculature.
  • Nerve Function: Along the length of nerves are microstreams which transport nutrients directly to the synapses to transmit messages. Dehydration disrupts proper nerve function, which transmits to pain.
  • Hydrolysis: Water is intricately involved in the water-dependent chemical reactions of the body. When the body is dehydrated, proteins and enzymes are not as functional in the acidic solutions of higher viscosity (thickness).
  • Dyspepsia (heartburn /reflux): In time this can lead to ulceration or cancer. Dr Batman.. recommends that these conditions are one of the body’s major thirst signals. During his imprisonment in the 70’s in Tehran he successfully treated over 3000 people of dyspeptic pain with water alone.mountain spring1
  • Digestion: Mucus lining the walls of the stomach protect it from it’s own hydrochloric acid. This effective defence system is ineffectual with too little water and the acid penetrates leading to pain.

Tim James Certified PT and Australian Kettlebell Instructor

This article was adapted from information taken from the book

Water and Salt, Your Healers from Within by Dr Batmanghelidj


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