How to really succeed in fitness or life!

November 25, 2009 at 1:27 pm Leave a comment

It occured to me after a few conversations with friends and clients over a period of days that what comes out of my mouth can be quite powerful. Now before you say “well duh!”, hear me out!

Do you unconsciously use negative words like ” I cant do that”, I am too weak, I may not reach that goal, It is too hard, I dont like that, etc.. The list can go on and on.

Lets start by unpacking a few of these phrases.

If I say “I can’t do that” out loud, I am reinforcing the fact that I will not do it. What if I do want to achieve that particular goal? Would it not be better to say, Well I can do a modified version of that goal! That is reinforcing forward motion and goals are accomplished by one small step after another.

If I focus on “weak” rather than strong I am looking at what I cannot do rather than what I can do and therfore decreasing my potential for success. I could focus on what I am good at and seek to improve it.

What about using “I dont like that”? It may be a true statement but it is reinforcing negativity rather than focusing on what I do like. Life is so short and we only get one go so why not focus these “now” moments on what we do like about our current fitness regime.

As you go through the next few hours check the words you are using and even words of those you are conversing with. Are they positive or negative? If your words are negative you can easily change that by recognizing how you are limiting yourself. If the words of others are negative you have a choice to either let them know what it sounds like or alternatively keep that conversation short so as to eliminate negativity from your day.

I trust this will help you to stay focused and keep achieving those goals.

Tim James

Certified PT, Australian Kettlebell Instructor


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