5 more ways to battle the Party Season

December 23, 2009 at 2:22 pm Leave a comment

There are so many challenges at this time of year that many people give up and overindulge because they say it is too hard. Hey, I just met a guy I hadnt seen in a long time who lost 30 kgs over the last few months so dont tell me it it impossible !! ps He is determined!! 🙂

Share a dessert. Why not. It can make for a fun game of fork stabbing besides the obvious eating less rich stuff.


Have one rumball instead of 6. It would be insane to suggest not having any party food unless you are a cover model and have a photo shoot tomorrow. So enjoy the taste and stop at one. Move past the chips and enjoy the white christmas but have one piece instead of 3.


Cook from a recipe book instead of eating out. I find the exciting challenge of trying a new recipe more fun than eating the same old predictable burger and you actually know where the food is coming from. You know what the basic calorie content is and have a choice in adapting the recipe to suit your choices.


Ask for the salad dressing in a side dish and dip your fork in it. Often women will order salad as a healthy low fat option but the hidden salt and calories are in the dressing. By dipping the fork you get a real taste without the drowned, soggy lettuce at the bottom of the bowl!


Drink water between your alcohol. It will fill you up faster, which satisfys the thirst craving and will dampen the toxic load the alcohol is having on your allready assaulted body from the festive overload.

Have a safe and merry Christmas

Tim James CPT AKI


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