Fitness – fat loss mistakes of 2009!

January 6, 2010 at 8:52 am 1 comment

I have been putting in a lot of energy to my upcoming Worldwide Workout on Saturday the 9th but here is the top mistakes you made in 2009 and how to be successful in 2010!

1. Doing too much cardio. Because cardio is exercise many of you make the mistake of thinking that is where you will burn  the fat. Unless you are doing enough to burn more than you are eating this is a very ineffective way to succeed at fat loss. You need to train less, recover more so you have the ability to put in more effort each individual workout and most importantly if you havent allready start INTERVALS.

2. No accountability. In 2009 if you didnt have a group to turn up to, a friend to train with or a coach to make appointments with then you had a high chance of falling off the wagon. Get accountable to someone and inspire them while y0u are at it!

3. No meal planning. What am I going to eat? Standing at an open fridge door or cupboard door thinking, “What is there to eat”? I know, I have done it. The answer is sit down on a Sunday with some paper and plan your main meals. Brekky, Lunch, Tea. You are bound to succeed at eating better when you know what you have planned even if you have planned to eat out.

4. No intensity. It is ok to exercise at your level but when do you really challenge yourself. Pushing the envelope! Doing that last few seconds that you dont feel like. Without intensity you will stagnate and eventually go backwards.

5. Undereating. Yes it is true. If you dont eat often enough you will be more likey to overeat or snack on crap or simply you will lose muscle and be fatigued & tired! Stick to 3 meals and 2 snacks for minimal success.

6. Overeating. Related to undereating often but it can also be that you love what you are eating so much that you lack the discipline to stop. First only have one serving. Secondly reduce the size of your plate. Lastly wait ten minutes before deciding to have dessert.

7. Overtraining. Many of you have seen the signs. No energy, lethargic, disinterested, constantly hungry, sore all the time. The list is much larger but can be summed up into one statement. You are doing too much and need to reduce the amount of time you are spending per workout and also reduce your workouts to one per day and every other day being strength. Also have one day off where you are only doing leisure activities.

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  • 1. Dimitrios K. (formerly Jim Kay)  |  January 12, 2010 at 8:22 am

    As always, timely, sound tips. Good job, and happy new year to you. Keep up the good work

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