The top six ….. ups to achieve your fitness goals!

January 20, 2010 at 1:07 pm Leave a comment

  • Wake up– I could write a whole blog on this as it all starts with the beginning of the day.
    Set your alarm if you need to use those horrible things and know what you are waking up for the night before. Plan to be a winner.
  • Get up– This sounds simple but it follows wake up. You must not continuously hit snooze. Once again if you are waking up with a positive mind set then you will be eager to get up and into the day.
  • Eat up– Ok so this sounds really hard (lol) but many people are skipping meals because it is too hard to plan properly. Get onto a healthy eating forum where other people talk about their struggles and surround yourself with people who want to actually make positive changes in their eating habits. And make a plan on Sundays what you are going to eat for the week. Alternatively each night write down the next days rough eating plan.
  • Drink up– Ok not too hard this one but get plenty of filtered water and buy it in bulk if you dont have a filter that removes flouride. You shouldnt pay more than $6 for 10 litres
  • Stand up– Many of you have sedentary jobs so get out of that chair and stretch, walk around and dont sit in the couch when you are not at work. Get into the garden or swim in the pool but enjoy using your body. You could even go and work out :p
  • Show up– There is a saying in AA. Keep coming back! Well we say that too. Just keep showing up to your workouts. Some days you will really feel like piking on it all but if you persist you will be happy you achieved something after that fact.

Look out for the 6 …. ups not to do soon
Tim James AKI CPT


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