Anger lessons from Real Life!

March 24, 2010 at 12:35 pm 1 comment

Luke and I were driving back from visiting cousin Amelie at Ipswich and as we pulled up at the traffic lights I witnessed the following scene.

Almost in slow motion I saw a sedan bump into a stopped four wheel drive and like lightning a very angry man jumped out the passenger door screaming to the drivers of the sedan (in this case two early twenties females) to get out of their car. They looked very scared and pulled their car over but didn’t get out. (I would have locked my door seeing the state this guy was in) I did not notice any damage occur from this incident but you would have thought the guy was in a Rolls Royce. He screamed to his wife (the driver) to call the cops and that is when the lights changed and I had to move on.

Luke asked me, “Daddy why was that man so angry?” I said some people get angry at little things because they are always angry under the surface. I am  not sure if Luke fully understood me but it made me reflect on how to apply this as a valuable lesson.

1. An incident occured that was unexpected.

2. The people involved were ready to accept their responsibility.

3. There were witnesses who saw the whole event.

4. Any damage that occurred was minimal.

Have you been in a situation where these four points have applied to you?

How did you respond to the unexpected event?

Who was watching you?

Were you willing to accept that accidents can happen or were you willing to own your responsibilty?

In the big scheme was your event one that was really not a big deal?

We can get so worked up about stuff that really doesnt matter. The bloke I observed may have had years of anger issues. He may have even been arguing with family before he felt a rude bump to his rear end. I hope that this story can cause you to reflect on how you control your emotional stuff.

Enjoy life and take a chill pill!

Cheers Tim James

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  • 1. Dimitrios K. (formerly Jim Kay)  |  April 1, 2010 at 1:39 am

    There’s a lot of angry drivers everywhere, especially in congested urban areas. Like you say, “Enjoy life and take a chill pill!”

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