5 Unique exercise methods

May 12, 2010 at 12:27 pm Leave a comment

The purpose of this post is simply to inspire you with more ideas if you are looking for different ways to workout. It is not meant to be exhaustive or complete but to begin your journey in “different”

Battling Ropes – This method has been around a long time in the military but is becoming more popular in fitness training methods like “Crossfit”. There are so many varieties but it is a killer upper body and cardiovascular workout all in one.

Sledge Hammer and Tyres Another brilliant use of cheap equipment to develop upper body strength and also lower body if prescribed correctly. One word of advice is clean your tyres with soap and brush or use gloves as they get you pretty dirty. Double hand, single hand or alternating are some different grips for the sledge. Tyres can be dragged, flipped, hit, rolled etc….

Kettlebells– My favourite- If you come to my Wednesday morning fitcamp sessions you can find out more but ever since my instructor course with Australian Kettlebells I have really enjoyed learning how these teach me to improve my technique.

Bodyweight– What I love about bodyweight is how much we dont utilize what we have for free. Learning handstands and one legged squats and pullups is just the beginning. Just take a look at what people in modern dance comps are doing with gymnastics or go and see a Cirque- circus and you will be WOWED and inspired.

Cars– Sounds strange but all you need is an empty car park and 3 people to push and one to steer. This is a great finisher and really drains the legs. A little tap on the brakes can make it really evil :o)

I hope you enjoyed this and let me know what else you would like me to write about!

Cheers Tim

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