Dad and Luke ftwTim is a Fitness Coach based in Arana Hills, Brisbane. He has been in the fitness industry as a professional since Dec 2001 but his background was always there. He joined the Army Reserves in 1990 fresh out of high school and resigned in 1999.

Tim was once a junk food regular. He didn’t ever pay attention to healthy food and simply ate whatever he liked. However, through his life experience he has come to find out exactly how to achieve the ultimate fit and healthy body in the shortest time with the least amount of injury.

Tim operates from Club Arana in Brisbane’s north side.     He is registered with Fitness Australia, is certified as a Kettlebell instructor and his expertise is in finding the latest but safest and most common sense methods to eradicate boredom while helping you achieve your goals in fitness injury free. He also enjoys spending time with his 5 year old son- Luke- who loves the outdoors and adrenalin..

+61 4 2213 3329


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