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The small disciplines or small errors in judgement!

If you add up the small daily disciplines or errors in judgement then you can see what the sum total is but never till its too late.

It is not the big decisions we make that cause the greatest change but actually the 50 or more small decisions that affect us long term.

If I decide between skipping breakfast (error in judgement) or making time to have some eggs or museli and yoghurt (daily discipline ).

If I decide to watch that evening sitcom or walk the dog

If I decide to call a friend to encourage them to workout with me or catchup to go shopping

If I decide to have the cheesecake or opt for a piece of fruit and some raw nuts

If I decide to spend 30 minutes on the treadmill @ low intensity or spend 8 lots of high intensity sprints.

If I decide to put aside $20 for a rainy day or spend it on that “special”

If I decide to pack my lunch the night before or buy takeaway from the noodle shop

If I spend 15 minutes reading a nutrition book or delve into a romance/drama novel

If I reply to that unanswered email or surf the net

If I add vegies to my meal or opt for that microwave meal

If I take my multivitamin and mineral supplement as preventative or take a pharmaceutical for my symptomatic cold

If I choose a top quality omega 3 supplement or have a mercury contaminated fish fillet

None of these choices are necessarily bad or good but they add up over time to an outcome.


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5 Unique exercise methods

The purpose of this post is simply to inspire you with more ideas if you are looking for different ways to workout. It is not meant to be exhaustive or complete but to begin your journey in “different”

Battling Ropes – This method has been around a long time in the military but is becoming more popular in fitness training methods like “Crossfit”. There are so many varieties but it is a killer upper body and cardiovascular workout all in one.

Sledge Hammer and Tyres Another brilliant use of cheap equipment to develop upper body strength and also lower body if prescribed correctly. One word of advice is clean your tyres with soap and brush or use gloves as they get you pretty dirty. Double hand, single hand or alternating are some different grips for the sledge. Tyres can be dragged, flipped, hit, rolled etc….

Kettlebells– My favourite- If you come to my Wednesday morning fitcamp sessions you can find out more but ever since my instructor course with Australian Kettlebells I have really enjoyed learning how these teach me to improve my technique.

Bodyweight– What I love about bodyweight is how much we dont utilize what we have for free. Learning handstands and one legged squats and pullups is just the beginning. Just take a look at what people in modern dance comps are doing with gymnastics or go and see a Cirque- circus and you will be WOWED and inspired.

Cars– Sounds strange but all you need is an empty car park and 3 people to push and one to steer. This is a great finisher and really drains the legs. A little tap on the brakes can make it really evil :o)

I hope you enjoyed this and let me know what else you would like me to write about!

Cheers Tim

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5 Reasons not to work out

I am sure there are a million excuses but I wanted to run through the top 5 that I hear all the time

I am always sick

To different degrees this can be quite valid but unless you are actually bed ridden- if you can go to work then you can work out. There are so many forms of exercise that will enhance your immune system. Find out what you can do not what you can’t do. Glass half full people!!

I can’t afford it!

Ok so what is in your budget?  There are many affordable options for personal training these days starting as low as $13. It may be true that you are in a hole right now but what can you afford?

To get sick and pay for the Doctors because your immune system is low?

 By the way, movement is the only way to stimulate your lymphatic systems detox. The lymph system carries your junk out of the body.

I dont have enough time

The great thing about this excuse is you only need 15 minutes per day of intense workouts. Once you commit to that you will find more time.

I dont know what exercises to do to lose weight.

Great that is not an excuse but an objection. Find your local pt (Tim James 🙂 and join the weight loss revolution. If Terry Ahern has gone from XXL to Medium you can too. Congratulations Terry!

I find exercise boring

Well guess what? I would too with that attitude! Have you played with kids or watched them play? Do you notice how creative they can be? If you dont have your own, play with niece or nephews or a friend’s kids. Push them on the swing then run 1 lap of the swings and push them again. The kid will think its fairdinkum and you will get a workout all the while laughing. Hey, just one example!

What excuse have you heard? I’d love to hear them!


Tim James

April 7, 2010 at 12:45 pm 3 comments

Principles of Training (Part one)

What are the keys to results based training and how can you get the most from the time you spend working out?

Community, Hard Work, Structure, Consistency, Recovery, Nutrition, Technique! There are many more but we will break these down and talk about how to achieve your goals whatever they are.

Community– a group of two or more people with a common purpose. In this context it is to encourage each other to stay focused on the common goal of improving fitness for whatever reason. Research shows that this is probably the MOST imortant principle of training. So if you haven’t got a training partner- join a small group, boot-camp, class or any environment that is led by a professional.

Hard work– the term ‘working out’ refers to a key. It is WORK. Not riding a bike at the gym while reading a book or talking for 5 minutes in between sets to an attractive person. It isnt a plateau. Every session you should do something you have never done before. A couple more reps, a variation that is a little more challenging, one drop set, the list goes on. Don’t settle for indifferent.

Structure– If you have a gym membership which the majority of the populace do, what do you do when you get there if you are not attending a class?

How do you know what to do with the cardio equipment or the weights?

Do you decide what to do as you walk through the gym?

Structure means knowing all those things and knowing how long your workout should take down to the rest periods and the stretching, the weights used and the reps to aim for. Without structure you are fumbling in the dark looking for the door!

Consistency– It is great to start a program and fire along for 2 weeks then you have a massive party on Sunday night and drink too much waking up with a hangover on Monday. Hmm! You just began the fatal mistake. “I feel too wrotten” you say to yourself. Or you come back from holidays and take a week longer to return. You get a cold and don’t exercise in case you dont recover.

Did you know that mild exercise can help boost your immunity when you are not well? The key is stick at it and dont allow smaller obstacles like parties, holidays, colds, any excuse to suade you from your task of adhering to your goal.

That is all for today! Soak it in and tell me what you think…

Tim James CPT AKI

March 10, 2010 at 11:21 am 2 comments

Fitness – fat loss mistakes of 2009!

I have been putting in a lot of energy to my upcoming Worldwide Workout on Saturday the 9th but here is the top mistakes you made in 2009 and how to be successful in 2010!

1. Doing too much cardio. Because cardio is exercise many of you make the mistake of thinking that is where you will burn  the fat. Unless you are doing enough to burn more than you are eating this is a very ineffective way to succeed at fat loss. You need to train less, recover more so you have the ability to put in more effort each individual workout and most importantly if you havent allready start INTERVALS.

2. No accountability. In 2009 if you didnt have a group to turn up to, a friend to train with or a coach to make appointments with then you had a high chance of falling off the wagon. Get accountable to someone and inspire them while y0u are at it!

3. No meal planning. What am I going to eat? Standing at an open fridge door or cupboard door thinking, “What is there to eat”? I know, I have done it. The answer is sit down on a Sunday with some paper and plan your main meals. Brekky, Lunch, Tea. You are bound to succeed at eating better when you know what you have planned even if you have planned to eat out.

4. No intensity. It is ok to exercise at your level but when do you really challenge yourself. Pushing the envelope! Doing that last few seconds that you dont feel like. Without intensity you will stagnate and eventually go backwards.

5. Undereating. Yes it is true. If you dont eat often enough you will be more likey to overeat or snack on crap or simply you will lose muscle and be fatigued & tired! Stick to 3 meals and 2 snacks for minimal success.

6. Overeating. Related to undereating often but it can also be that you love what you are eating so much that you lack the discipline to stop. First only have one serving. Secondly reduce the size of your plate. Lastly wait ten minutes before deciding to have dessert.

7. Overtraining. Many of you have seen the signs. No energy, lethargic, disinterested, constantly hungry, sore all the time. The list is much larger but can be summed up into one statement. You are doing too much and need to reduce the amount of time you are spending per workout and also reduce your workouts to one per day and every other day being strength. Also have one day off where you are only doing leisure activities.

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Top 5 Fat Loss Tips

I began following Craig’s workouts back in 2005 and have noticed that the way he combines the exercises together not only allows me to take less rest between sets but I literally notice the fat melt away.

So I asked him to write his top 5 fat loss tips for you guys. Enjoy
Tim James CPT Australian Kettlebell Instructor


By: Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

Men’s Fitness magazine recently asked me for 3 of my best fat loss

Since most times the magazines just don’t have enough space to run
my full tips, I thought I’d give you a more detailed explanation of
my secrets here (plus a few extra bonus tips that I didn’t send to
the magazine).

Secret #1 – Focus on burning carbohydrate, not fat, during your
fat-loss workouts.

Sounds backwards, right? But not when you look at how I structure
my workouts.

Remember that Turbulence Training focuses on resistance training
and interval training. Both of these use carbohydrate as the main
source of energy. So it’s obvious the workout is designed to burn
carbohydrates during the training session.

I have no interest in you trying to train in your “target heart
rate zone” for fat burning (aka – the fat burning zone). The whole
idea of a fat-burning zone is an over-simplified idea of how the
body works during exercise.

Leave the inefficient fat burning zone to the mis-educated trainers
in the commercial gyms (that not surprisingly, also want to sell
you a heart rate monitor so you can stay in your “fat burning heart
rate zone”).

If you want to get the most results in the least amount of time,
focus on burning carbohydrates, not fat.

Why do my fat loss workouts focus on burning carbohydrate rather
than fat?

In order to burn more calories after the workout, that’s why. When
you exercise with intervals and heavy resistance training, your body
uses more calories in the hours after exercise than it would if you
did traditional cardio and lifted lighter weights.

I call this ‘Turbulence’. By any name it gives you the same results
– maximum improvements in your body composition (helping you lose
fat while gaining muscle).

Secret #2 – Use a range of repetitions in your strength training

In order to train more muscle fibers and burn more carbohydrates, I
have clients use a range of repetitions within the same workout.

The Turbulence Training workouts now use 6, 8, and 12 reps per set
in order to work the muscle the most effectively.

This will burn more carbohydrates and promote as much muscle growth
as possible when you are keeping the calories low.

Secret #3 – Use the stationary cycle for interval training.

I choose the stationary bike for intervals whenever possible
because cycling against a resistance can help maintain muscle mass.

Cycling against a resistance also allows you to perform a large
amount of mechanical work, and that is a key determinant of the
Turbulence in my training.

But please note: I don’t use low-intensity, fast pedaling
‘spinning’ intervals as I’m convinced that the hard, resistance
based intervals are more effective for fat loss.

My clients only cycle against a strong resistance in their intervals.

And while I really like the bike, but there are many other ways to
do intervals. Use what works for you, but if you are at a plateau,
try the bike.

Secret #4 – Increase meal frequency

Okay, so this isn’t really a secret to anyone that has read about
fat loss.

But a 2005 study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
showed that eating 6 times per day was associated with eating fewer
calories per day, lowering cholesterol levels, and lowering
post-meal insulin levels.

Combine an increased meal frequency with an increased protein and
fiber intake, and you’ll see your body composition improve rapidly.

If you need more nutrition help, then you’ll love the Turbulence
Training Nutrition Guide for Men & Women – written by Dr. Chris Mohr, Ph.D.

See below for more details…

Secret #5 – My Synergistic Turbulence Training Workouts

My Turbulence Training Fat Loss workouts are fast becoming the most
effective way to burn fat, build muscle, and get lean.

The synergistic strength training-interval training workouts are
efficient and effective – getting you in and out of the gym in under
an hour.

Here are some tips that you can use for an advanced training phase.

Use these tips for 2 weeks then return to your normal training

a) Add 10 seconds to each interval but maintain the intensity

b) Add in some bodyweight circuits (10-20 minutes per day) done in
the morning or evening (if you do your regular workout in the AM, do
your bodyweight circuits after dinner; otherwise, do the bw circuits
first thing in the AM, and then do your regular workout at lunch or
later in the afternoon or evening)

If you are advanced, you can use squats, pushups, and bodyweight
rows for your circuit.

If you are a beginner, you could use lying hip extensions, modified
pushups, and stick-ups.

c) Add an extra set to each exercise in the first superset you do
in each workout.

Again, use these three tips for an advanced fat loss period of two
weeks, then return to a normal training schedule.

But always stick to the best fat loss nutrition plan possible.

If you have any other questions, just let me know.


Craig Ballantyne
Author, Turbulence Training

P.S. Big Nutrition Announcement!

The Turbulence Training Nutrition Guide for Men & Women – written
by Dr. Chris Mohr, Ph.D., will help you transform your body.

Here are just some of the things you’ll learn from Dr. Mohr…

1) How to calculate your calorie needs (p. 6)

2) Calorie recommendations for obese individuals (p.7)

3) The 23 types of sugar (many hidden!) to avoid (p. 9)

4) The 20 whole-grain sources to fuel your fat loss program (p9)

5) Over 60 fruits and vegetables that should be added to your diet
(p. 10)

6) The 16 protein sources you should select most often (p. 13)

7) Shocking trans-fat content of 18 common foods – find out which
food is the deadliest in terms of fat content (p. 16)

8 ) The 9 Fat Sources you should select most often (p. 17)

9) Dr. Mohr’s 12 Rules for Fat Loss (p. 18)

10) The TT Nutrition Plan for Men (p. 19)

11) The TT Nutrition Plan for Women (p. 23)

12) Bonus Supplement Report: The Truth About Fat Loss Pills (p. 27)


Email me to get a copy of this report.

Cheers Tim

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How I literally tasted nearly 100km of road!

It is not what it seems. You see, I joined some adventurous friends to cycle from Brisbane to the Gold Coast along with 10,000 other cycling frieks.

It began to rain and if you know what it is like riding in a peleton then you would understand that rain and close riding meant I was tasting the road off the tyre in front of me. Not the most pleasant thought but I was enjoying the challenge of a 3 1/2 hr + ride.

Here are some things I gained from meditating on my ride.C%20peleton

1. When you take up a challenge that is not in the normal every day life category you get to see life through a different lens. I have never seen those townships (every single metre) from that perspective before and it was like using a zoom on google maps. How this can benefit your fitness journey is by undertaking a challenge or workout you may never have done before you get to discover things about yourself that you wouldnt find out any other way, like your determination and staying power.

2. There is a lot to be said for the encouragement of others and to hear someone call your name can sometimes be enough to motivate you to work your legs again that little bit more. Do you have a support group that can encourage you to keep going? If you dont you really are missing out!

3. The exhiliration of crossing the finish line is akin to what the Apostle Paul said, “I have finished the race”. The knowledge that all that energy you have put in has rewarded you with public recogntion can be very gratifying. There is that surge of pride as non competitors cheer you on across the finish. I always am thankful for the non competitors at the finish line. Their role is SO important to me. Have you finished what you started?

4. Sometimes life throws challenges at us that we really dont know how they will end! The great thing about the challenge I undertook is that is had already been prepared by a team of experts and all I had to do was participate. There are many challenge workouts around but a popular modern one is the Fitness Boot Camp.                                                                                                                                                                 It runs for a specified phase and there are definite markers of improvement and a definite plus is the communal support. My fit camps “Get Energetic Fit Camps” have been running now for nearly 5 months and the members are loving the workouts.

Email me if you are in the area and are interested.

Tim James

Certified PT & Australian Kettlebell Instructor

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